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Darren Globe

Meet Darren Globe – Your Go-To EV Pro 

From the roar of fire trucks to the silent hum of a Tesla, Darren’s journey is fuelled by adrenaline. As a Professional Firefighter and former Paramedic with over 28 years of service, Darren knows a thing or two about safety, rapid response and helping the community. 

When his “high tech drive” first encountered a Tesla Model Y, it didn’t just ignite a new passion, it turbocharged a mission to help new and seasoned EV owners love their Tesla even more. Today, he’s channeling his expertise into the EV sphere as Founder and Chief Editor/Writer at EVehiclePro.com to ensure you have a safe, smooth ride on the electric wave.

Darren is a recognized Tesla expert featured in gobankrates.com and referenced by MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Goodyear and in numerous forums, websites and social media.

Personal Statement:

Hi, I’m Darren!

My passion for Tesla EVs isn’t just about sleek design and silent roar – it’s about forging a future where EV technology complements our lives and makes us safer.

As the Founder of EVehiclePro.com, I lead a team of Tesla owners and aficionados who drive a wide range of long-range and rear wheel drive EVs. We delve into the nitty-gritty of Tesla ownership to unravel practical, quirky, and must-know information, and offer a treasure trove of how-to guides, product reviews, and insights that cater to both EV novices and seasoned drivers.

In addition to my personal experience with the Model 3 and Y, I’ve researched Tesla EVs extensively, gone deep with Tesla mechanics and interviewed Tesla owners with unique needs (e.g. disabilities, neurodiversity, RV/towing/camping and auto racing lifestyles). Through this, I’ve developed a trusted network of contributing owners and experts. 

My 28+ years of firefighting have instilled a rigor for vehicle safety and bring my real-world emergency response expertise to the electric highway. My training and leadership in EV (electric vehicles) and ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle extrication, fire suppression and instructing/mentoring provides me with unique safety insights that I pass on to the Tesla community. When I’m in my Tesla, I know I’m driving one of the safest, smartest vehicles on the planet.

When I’m not decoding the Teslaverse and sharing insights, I am probably enjoying a serene drive along the coastline, camping, hiking or trying out accessories and Tesla upgrades.

EVehiclePro.com has been featured on gobankrates.com and referenced by MSN, Yahoo, Goodyear and numerous forums, websites and social media so I know my quest to demystify the electric drive has struck a chord in the automotive realm. In the end though, the real accolade is in the community we’re nurturing – a space where Tesla enthusiasts can learn, share and love their Tesla even more.

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Darren Globe 
Founder and Chief Editor/Writer