3 Top Tesla Phone Mounts without Messy Adhesives

top phone mounts for Tesla

3 Top Tesla Phone Holders without Messy Adhesives

Tesla’s phone charging pads work well, but their placement makes it difficult to view your phone when using traffic or navigation apps. Phone mounts that use adhesive can damage your Tesla’s interior. Use non-sticky phone holders that can be secured to your Model 3/Y’s vent, windshield or touchscreen.  

Tesla vehicles come with a wireless phone charging pad in the centre of the console. Simply place your phone on the pad to charge up your phone’s battery. Tesla owners love how easy it is to use, but there is one problem with Tesla’s phone charging pad – you can’t fully view your phone screen when its in position on the charging pad. 

Tesla phone charging pad phone mounts

It’s difficult to see your phone when it’s placed on Tesla’s phone charging pads. Phone mounts allow drivers to view their phone easily.

Many people prefer to use navigational or traffic apps like Waze or ABRP (A Better Route Planner) when driving, so it’s vital to be able to quickly and easily view your phone’s screen. The problem is that the phone placement on Tesla’s charging pads isn’t ideal, as the screen isn’t fully visible to the driver. Instead of flipping around your phone or propping it up, the solution is to add a phone mount in your Tesla Model 3 or Y that allows you to clearly and quickly view your phone’s screen. 

Problems with Phone Mount Adhesives 

Many phone mounts require an adhesive that you stick to a surface in your car’s interior. The problem with adhesives is that they can damage the interior of your Tesla.

Additionally, if you live in a region with extreme temperatures, the adhesive will stop sticking after a period of time. Once the phone mount falls off or is removed, the adhesive will leave a sticky residue that may require chemicals to remove. 

The Tesla experts at EVehiclePro recommend using one of these phone mounts that securely hold your phone and allow full, hands-free visibility but don’t require an adhesive. And, if you also need to charge your phone while it’s on a mount, there are solutions to that too!

Where Can I Mount my Phone in my Tesla?

There are three areas in your Tesla that you can mount your phone, without having to use potentially damaging adhesives:

  1. Front Vents
  2. Windshield 
  3. Touchscreen 

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Best Tesla Phone Mounts without Adhesives

Our EVehiclePro team has reviewed these phone holders so that you can make the best decision based on:

  • proximity to the driver 
  • obstructions to touchscreen, air flow or view
  • access to phone’s charging port
  • design
  • installation
  • UV protection
  • unique features

Check the specs of your phone with each of these products to ensure a secure fit.

Front Vent Phone Mount

Vion phone mount

Vion MagSafe Phone Mount

This phone holder easily fits in to the trim just in front of the vent, with no tools required. The modelling of this mount was developed from 3D precision scanning for Models 3 and Y, so it aligns perfectly with the shape and stability of the vehicle. Its minimalist design complements Tesla’s sleek interior and matches the color of the air vent. This phone mount allows it to be placed anywhere on the dash, allwoing the placement of the phone mount to provide 100% visibility of your phone without obscuring portions of the windshield, windows or touchscreen.

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Windshield Phone Holder

Suction Cup Car Phone Mount

This phone holder mounts onto the windshield using a strong gel pad suction cup that stays mounted in hot or cold temperatures. It is able to hold heavier phones and those in a thick case, and is easy to install and remove with no tools required. A swivel arm allows the driver to adjust the display angle for perfect view. The charging port is also accessible while the phone is in the mount. 

Keep in mind that using a phone holder on the windshield will obscure that portion of the windshield. Although this holder can also be mounted to the dashboard, the EVehiclePro team recommends using this mount only on the windshield to avoid potential damage to Tesla’s interior surfaces. 

This mount does not indicate it has UV protection. Over time, drivers that park their Tesla in regions with lots of sun may experience discolouration to the holder from UV damage, especially if they are placed in highly exposed areas such as the windshield.

Touchscreen Phone Holder with Wireless Phone Charger

TAPTES Cell Phone Mount Organizer

TAPTES Cellphone Touchscreen Mount 

This touchscreen-mounted phone holder is great option for drivers that need to charge their phones wirelessly while it’s being used. Simply plug into one of your Tesla’s USB ports.

The phone mount simply snaps onto the top edge of the Tesla’s touchscreen. Owners can then choose to mount the phone on the driver’s side or passenger’s side of the touch screen. The side-by-side placement keeps drivers focused on a central location for both phone and vehicle information, rather than having to shift left to right between phone and touchscreen.

Note: If the phone mount is installed on the left side of the touchscreen, it partially blocks the top left portion of the touchscreen (obscuring speed and gear information). If installed on the right side, it doesn’t block important information on the touchscreen. 

Due to its placement on the touchscreen, the phone can also block a very small portion of the lower windshield.  

The proximity of this phone mount allows you to touch your phone’s screen easily, without a significant reach.

Taptes screen cell phone mount

The mount is made from rubber silicon gel to securely hold the phone and minimize noise

The manufacturer does not indicate whether it has UV protection. Over time, drivers that park their Tesla in regions with lots of sun may experience discolouration to the holder from UV damage, especially if they are placed in highly exposed areas.

This phone mount has two unique features that appeal to many Tesla owners. One is being able to wirelessly charge your phone while using the mount. The other is its clever design that has solved the problem of Tesla’s lack of a storage spot for sunglasses – it comes with a neat storage box behind the touchscreen to hold your sunglasses or other small items!

Does a Phone Holder Block My View?

When choosing a phone mount, consider whether it might obscure the driver’s line of sight or access to touchscreen information. 

A windshield-mounted phone holder will obscure the driver’s line of sight through the windshield, so should be mounted carefully with this in mind.

Touchscreen-mounted holders block a small portion of the Tesla touchscreen. Depending on which side of the touchscreen the phone is mounted, information such as speed and gear can be blocked. Mounting on the right side of the touchscreen eliminates this problem. Due to its placement on the touchscreen, the phone will also block a very small portion of the lower windshield.  

Vent-mounted phone holders do not obscure driver’s view or the touchscreen, nor do they hinder air flow.

Can you Charge your Phone While Using a Phone Mount? 

If using a phone mount, Tesla occupants can still charge their phone by using a cable to connect to one of Tesla’s USB ports. The most commonly used USB ports are located in the front compartment and rear of the centre console.

Be aware of where the cable is placed so that it’s secured neatly and doesn’t interfere with the driver’s movements. If wireless charging is important for you in a phone mount, choose a windshield-mounted phone holder.

Where are the Tesla USB Ports to Charge my Phone?

Tesla Models 3 and Y have several USB ports that can be used to charge your phone. Other USB ports are available that also communicate with the vehicle (located in the glovebox), but the following ones are the most accessible for charging phones:

  • Two USB ports are located in the front compartment of the centre console
  • Two USB ports are located in the rear of the centre console (on vehicles manufactured since approximately June 2020, these ports are USB-C)
  • On Model Ys equipped with seven seats, two USB-C ports are located at the front of the console between the third row seats.

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  • Choose a phone mount that allows access to your phone’s charging port. 
  • Choose a location for your phone mount that prevents the charging cable from interfering with the driver’s movements. 
  • Alternatively, choose a phone holder that also has wireless charging.

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