Tesla Stopping Mode: Never Use the Brake Pedal!

Tesla Stopping Mode

Tesla Stopping Mode: Never Use the Brake Pedal!

By choosing one of the three stopping modes on a Tesla EV, the driver can decide how the vehicle will react when it slows during deceleration. Tesla has 3 stopping modes: Creep, Roll and Hold. These options are only available on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

What is Tesla Stopping Mode?

When pressure is removed from the accelerator pedal, Tesla’s regenerative braking automatically slows the vehicle. However just before the vehicle is at a complete stop, Tesla’s stopping mode will determine precisely how the vehicle reacts before the driver touches the brake pedal.

Tesla has 3 stopping modes:

  1. Hold Mode
  2. Creep Mode
  3. Roll Mode
Tesla Stopping Mode

What Are Tesla’s Three Stopping Modes?

1. Hold Mode

When in Hold Mode, the Tesla will quickly slow itself down to a complete stop, and will apply the brake automatically without the driver having to touch the brake pedal.

Whether on a slope or a flat road, as long as the driver doesn’t touch the accelerator pedal, the vehicle will remain stopped. Hold Mode also works when the vehicle is in reverse. 

One Pedal Driving: Never Use the Brake!

Once the driver applies pressure to the accelerator pedal again, the vehicle will start to move. This is referred to as, “One Pedal Driving”.

New Tesla drivers tend to take their foot off the accelerator and hit the brake pedal, which causes more of a sudden deceleration. But with a bit of practice, it is possible to drive all day and never touch the brake pedal at all! 

One Pedal Driving does take some getting used to, however most Tesla owners report that they are completely comfortable with this within 3 to 4 days.

It is possible to drive all day and never touch the brake pedal.  

Hold Mode Can Optimize Brakes and Batteries

Hold Mode uses regenerative braking more often at lower speeds than Creep Mode or Roll Mode. This helps to reduce brake wear and puts more energy back into the battery than when using either of the other two modes.  

Switching From Hold to Park

If the vehicle has been stopped in Hold Mode for approximately 10 minutes, the Tesla will automatically shift the car into “Park”. In order to move the car, the driver will have to shift the vehicle into “Drive” or “Reverse”.

Similarly, if the driver’s door is opened while stopped in Hold Mode, the Tesla will automatically shift the car into “Park”. In order to move the car, the driver will have to shift the vehicle into “Drive” or “Reverse”.

2. Creep Mode

Creep Mode is most similar to a traditional gas-powered vehicle.  When the vehicle is stopped and the driver takes their foot off the brake, the vehicle will start to move – similar to a traditional gas car.  

Creep Mode is great to use for new Tesla drivers or when in stop-and-crawl traffic for a long period of time. 

Read more about Creep Mode here

3. Roll Mode

Roll mode is similar to putting your vehicle in neutral gear.  When the car is stopped or almost stopped, Roll Mode will allow the car to roll freely. If the vehicle is on a hill while in Roll Mode, the vehicle will roll down the slope without engaging the brake or the regenerative braking.

While in Creep or Roll Mode, if the driver presses and holds the brake pedal for a few seconds, the vehicle will automatically ‘Hold’ just like it would in Hold Mode. But, once the driver touches the accelerator, the vehicle will return to the previous setting (either Creep or Roll Mode).

How Do You Change the Stopping Mode on a Tesla?

To change the Stopping Mode:

  1. Ensure your Tesla is in “Park.”
  2. From the touch screen, tap the Car Icon on the bottom left.
  3. Select “Pedals & Steering.”
  4. Choose your preferred stopping mode (Creep, Roll, or Hold) under “Stopping Mode.”
Tesla Stopping Mode

Can You Turn Off “One Pedal Driving” on Tesla?

While Tesla regenerative braking cannot be adjusted, switching to Creep Mode will make your car behave more like a traditional gas vehicle. The car will still slow down rapidly on its own, but you’ll need to apply the brake to come to a complete stop.

What Is the Best Stopping Mode to Use on My Tesla?

In a 2020 survey, Tesla drivers were asked what their preferred Stopping Mode was. The vast majority (84%) indicated that Hold Mode was their preferred mode. This preference indicates that Hold Mode is not only popular but also highly efficient for daily driving.

Hold Mode does require a brief adjustment period, but once you’re accustomed to one-pedal driving, you’ll likely find it to be a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Preferred Tesla Stopping Modes

Ultimately, the choice of stopping mode comes down to individual preference and the specific situation you find yourself in. Hold Mode offers a unique, efficient driving experience, while Creep and Roll Modes provide more familiar sensations that might be useful in certain scenarios. Don’t hesitate to experiment with each stopping mode to find the perfect fit for your driving style and needs.


Why Can’t I Change the Stopping Mode? It’s Greyed Out

The vehicle must be in Park to change the Stopping Mode.  Stopping mode can only be changed from inside the Tesla, using the touch screen. 

Do All Teslas Have Creep Mode?

Creep mode is not available on the Models X and S that are in current production. Only the models 3 and Y have Creep Mode.  This may change in the future with software upgrades.

What is the Difference Between Tesla Creep VS Roll Modes?

Driving in Creep Mode is similar to operating a traditional gas vehicle. When the driver removes their foot from the brake, the car will start to move forward slowly.

Roll Mode is most similar to being in neutral or driving a manual transmission vehicle and pressing in on the clutch. The vehicle will free roll. Drivers who want to reduce their regenerative braking should select Creep or Roll Mode. 

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