Creep Mode: Tesla’s Nod to Traditional Driving Habits

Tesla Creep Mode

Creep Mode: Tesla’s Nod to Traditional Driving Habits

Tesla Creep Mode is one of three stopping modes available on Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Drivers can choose Creep Mode to decelerate more like a gas-powered vehicle. When the driver removes their foot from the brake, vehicles in Creep Mode will slowly move or “creep” forward.

What Is Tesla Creep Mode?

Creep Mode is one of three stopping modes only available in Tesla Models 3 and Y. Stopping modes allow the driver to decide how the vehicle will react during deceleration.

Creep Mode is the stopping mode most similar to a traditional gas-powered vehicle. Here’s how:

  • When the driver removes their foot from the acceleration pedal, the vehicle will rapidly slow down on its own, but the brake will still need to be applied in order to come to a complete stop.  
  • Similarly, when the vehicle is stopped and the driver takes their foot off the brake, the vehicle will start to move or “creep” just like a traditional gas car.  

When Should I Use Creep Mode?

Creep Mode is a good choice when driving at slower speeds such as in stop-and-crawl traffic or parking lots. 

Creep Mode is also helpful for new Tesla drivers who are getting used to the vehicle’s regenerative braking feature, as it’s most similar to gas-powered vehicles.

Some drivers use Creep Mode to operate their vehicles when reversing into parking spots or over small concrete lips at the end of driveways. This allows them to simply hover their foot over the brake pedal while the car creeps into the desired spot.

It’s also the best stopping mode for brand new drivers and for times that you plan to lend your vehicle to someone unfamiliar with EVs.

How to Turn on Creep Mode

Tesla Creep Mode can only be set from the touch screen inside the vehicle. Here’s how to turn on Creep Mode:

  • The Tesla must be in Park
  • Tap on the Car Icon on the bottom left of the touchscreen 
  • Choose Pedals & Steering > Stopping Mode
  • You will see the three choices of Creep, Roll or Hold
  • Choose Creep  
Tesla Creep Mode Button

How do you turn off Creep Mode in a Tesla?

Creep Mode can be turned off by selecting a different Stopping Mode, such as Roll or Hold. With the vehicle in Park, tap the Car Icon on the bottom left of the touchscreen. Choose Pedals & Steering > Stopping Mode. Choose Roll or Hold to change the stopping mode.

What is the Difference Between Creep and Roll Modes in Tesla?

Driving in Creep Mode is similar to operating a traditional gas vehicle. When the driver removes their foot from the brake, the car will start to move or “creep” forward slowly. Similarly, if the vehicle is in reverse, taking your foot off the brake pedal will cause the car to continue reversing slowly.

Roll Mode is most similar to being in neutral or driving a manual transmission vehicle and pressing in on the clutch. When the vehicle is stopped or almost stopped, it will roll freely. If the vehicle is on a hill while in Roll Mode, the vehicle will roll down the slope without engaging the brake or the regenerative braking.

While in Creep or Roll Mode, if the driver presses and holds the brake pedal for a few seconds, the vehicle will automatically ‘Hold’ just like it would in Hold Mode. But, once the driver touches the accelerator, the vehicle will return to the previous setting (either Creep or Roll Mode).


Do all Teslas have Creep Mode?

Creep Mode is currently only available in Tesla Models 3 and Y. Creep Mode was removed from Models X and S in 2021 and are not available in those models that are in current production. 
This may change in the future with software upgrades. 

Why is the Creep Mode button greyed out?

The Creep Mode button may be greyed out because the vehicle is not in Park. Engage the vehicle in Park in order to change the Stopping Mode to one of the three options (Creep, Roll or Hold). 

Will using Creep Mode affect my range?

Using Creep Mode (or Roll Mode) can reduce regenerative braking, lessening the amount of energy that goes back into the battery. This ultimately will decrease the range of your Tesla vehicle. In our experience this decrease in range is negligible.

Which Stopping Mode is best? 

The best stopping mode is ultimately up to driver preference. However, surveys suggest that the majority  (84%) of Tesla drivers prefer Hold Mode, which maximizes range and reduces brake wear by continuing to provide regenerative braking at speeds lower than with the Creep and Roll settings.

How long will Creep Mode stay on for?

Creep Mode will stay active until a different Stopping Mode is selected. 

Can Creep Mode be assigned to a driver profile? 

Creep Mode can be assigned to a specific driver profile.  For example, the primary driver may prefer Hold Mode, while secondary drivers may find Creep Mode easier.

Does the Tesla Model S have Creep Mode?

Tesla Model S does not currently offer Creep Mode. When the refreshed models S and X were introduced in 2021, Creep Mode was removed. 

Does the Tesla Model X have Creep Mode?

At this time, Tesla Model X does not offer Creep Mode. 
When the refreshed models X and S were introduced in 2021, Creep Mode was removed. – 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐓𝐞𝐬𝐥𝐚 𝐃𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬. 𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐭 𝐀𝐝𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐞.
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