Gifts for Tesla Owners: What They Really Want

Gifts for Tesla Owners

Gifts for Tesla Owners: What They Really Want

Our team asked real Tesla owners what they would love to receive as a gift! Their answers? Skip the socks, sweaters and gift cards! Instead, rock their world with what they really want –  sexy performance pedal covers, customized floor mats, a stylish key ring, essential oil car fresheners and upgraded features like Enhanced Autopilot or Premium Connectivity! Here’s how to make your favourite Tesla owner ludicrously happy (coupon codes included)!

Inexpensive Gifts – less than $25

Protect your Tesla charger from dust, rain and snow and keep long cables off the ground with this sleek wall-mounted cable organizer. Coil cables to keep your garage space neat and safe from trip hazards.

Open the doors of your Tesla and impress everyone around you with laser-etched puddle lights that project the Tesla logo onto the surface you’re parked on. These lights do more than help you avoid stepping into puddles, they announce your Rock Star status! Simple installation with no drilling or wiring needed. 

This stylish leather key card holder for Tesla Models 3 and Y holds cards securely and does not affect the card’s signal.  

Upgrade your Model 3 or Y’s pedals to this sexy performance look, normally reserved for Models S and X. Non-slip stainless steel and rubber covers easily slip onto the acceleration and brake pedals with no tools required. 

Lift pads are a “must have” for all Teslas owners, to avoid damaging the battery when lifting the car to replace or rotate tires. Keep these jack lift pads organized neatly in your car within their own storage bag, in the rare case your Tesla gets a flat tire.

Protect your key fob from damage with this shock-resistant metal cover. Perfect for Model 3 or Y owners who purchased after-market fobs, and for Model S and X owners whose vehicles came with a fob but no cover. 

Tesla Model 3 or Y Car Diffuser

Infuse your Model 3 or Y with this essential oil diffuser customized to fit perfectly in your Tesla’s air vent. Energize your sunset drives with hints of jasmine, cedar and amber, or savour your Tesla like a fine wine with notes of black current, citrus, pine and wood.
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Gifts for Tesla Owners: What They Really Want

Keep water bottles and other beverages secure with this sleek non-adhesive cup holder insert. Spring loaded clips keep most beverages snug – even during blast-off. 

plastic cup insert holder for Tesla

Never spill your latte, green tea or mineral water while driving with this custom-designed cup holder made for Models 3 and Y. Soft rubber keeps beverage containers secure even during blast-off!

Personalize your Tesla Model 3 or Y with decals for your trunk and frunk. Each set comes with 4 wrap-vinyl decals and installs in 5-10 minutes. Choose one of more than 20 colors and finishes, including carbon fibre, gloss, metallic and satin. Easy to remove so you can change your Tesla’s look anytime!

This unique snow brush is specially designed to prevent scratching the paint on your Tesla. The telescoping, long handled brush reaches across the whole windshield and roof of all Tesla models. Comes with a built-in ice scraper to make clearing ice and snow a simple process.  

Simplify and organize your centre console, making room for preferred mobile phone placement, storage and charging sections. This anti-skid velvet texture tray protects phones, eyeglasses and garage door openers and does not affect the opening and closing of the centre console.

Affordable Gifts for Tesla Owners – $25 to $100

The experts at EVehiclePro recommend this for every Tesla owner. Flat tires are rare, but when they happen, you want this repair kit handy. Comes with compressor, eco sealant, carrying case and LED light to make tire repair more visible at night.

Vion phone mount

Tesla has integrated phone charging pads beneath the touchscreen, but the positioning may be obstruct the visibility of your phone’s screen. The Vion phone mount offers a secure hold for your phone in any orientation, ensuring optimal viewing. It is conveniently located near the air vent without impeding airflow.
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Tesery Wireless Gamepad controller for Tesla

Your family’s gamers will be happy with this wireless controller that dual motor vibration and ultra-long life premium battery. Wirelessly connect with one button for hours of gaming.

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Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector on a white Tesla

Protect your Tesla’s touchscreen from fingerprints and reduce glare with this tempered glass screen protector. Easy to install. 

Protect your Tesla from salt, snow, sand, rocks and debris with easy-to-install mud guards. No drilling required.

Splurge-Worthy Gifts for Tesla Owners – $100 to $250

chemical guys car wash kit

The perfect gift for Tesla owners who that take pride in a super clean, glossy vehicle! This kit is seriously impressive and contains products to keep your car’s exterior sparkling, including a foam gun, brush, microfibre wash mitt and detailing bucket. Rub-a-dub-dub your Tesla with great-smelling honeydew snow foam, butter wet wax, diablo wheel gel, and silk shine dressing. Nothing needed but a standard hose.

Shop the Chemical Guys 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Gifts for Tesla Owners: What They Really Want Gifts for Tesla Owners: What They Really Want
gifts for Tesla owners

Tesla owners will appreciate a yearly subscription to this upgraded service. Premium connectivity adds the ability to access connectivity features over cellular, in addition to Wi-Fi. Enhance your favorite Tesla owner’s ride with access to features that require data usage like music and media streaming, live traffic visualization and more.

These custom-made all-weather floor liners have raised edges to provide superior protection from mud, dirt, salt, rain and snow. Typical rubber floor mats can’t compare to these sleek, lightweight mats that even absorb vibrations and reduce road noise. Vehicle Pro experts love that they are non-toxic, completely odourless and easy to clean with a wet cloth or hose.   

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Gifts for Tesla Owners: What They Really Want

Give a Tesla owner the ability to lock and unlock their vehicle hands-free! Pair this sleek fob with the vehicle to be able to open the car door or trunk upon approach. Carry in your pocket or purse, or add a key fob cover for added protection and easy access.

CNICK Tesla ring to unlock your tesla

Every fashionable Tesla owner will want this hand-made high tech piece of jewelry that enables the wearer to open one or more cars with a quick knock on the driver’s side pillar. The ring is secure, waterproof and doesn’t requiring charging. The flat band design is lightweight, comfortable and available in eye-catching finishes like natural wood, glittering opal, sleek black and white snow.

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Tesla LED truck logo badge

Light up the night with this sleek LED illuminated Tesla badge designed for your trunk. Comes in Chrome and Matte Black. Get $60 off now by clicking the link below!

Going all in $500 to $1000

Rear Entertainment Display for Tesla. sold by

This Rear TouchScreen is specially designed for Tesla Model Y Model 3 2018-2023, compatible with both Tesla with Intel chips as well as the new AMD chips.

  • Support wireless Apple Car Play & Android Auto
  • Control the main display for volume (up/down) and play / pause
  • A/C climate control & Wind speed adjustment ;
  • Support adjust and control the Heating for each individual rear seat

Money is No Object $1000 ++

gifts for Tesla owners

Does your favorite Tesla owner like to drive at the speed of light? Adding the acceleration boost upgrade slashes acceleration time by a half second off the standard 0-60 mph times

Gifts for Tesla Owners: What They Really Want

Are you looking for a gift for the Tesla owner that drives long distances or has more than one Tesla EV? Consider the Tesla wall connector – a stylish and convenient way to boost charging capability by up to 44 miles per hour of charging. It can be used indoors or outdoors and also allows charging across multiple cars simultaneously. Requires installation by a qualified electrician. 

Tesla full self drive

The future of stress-free driving is here with this computer installation upgrade to full self-driving (FSD). Get access to a suite of advanced driver assistance features and be at the head of the class as Tesla moves toward fully autonomous driving. 

White Tesla Model X

 Is your sole Tesla getting a bit lonely? Is it trying to tell you it wants to share the wall connector with an EV soul mate? Trade up to a Model S or X, or double up on the Model you love now! Oh the fun you could have with naming the twins – 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐓𝐞𝐬𝐥𝐚 𝐃𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬. 𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐭 𝐀𝐝𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐞.
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