Tesla Chill Mode: Experience a Smoother Ride

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Tesla Chill Mode:
Experience a Smoother Ride

Chill Mode limits Tesla’s acceleration for a smoother, more gradual increase in speed. It indirectly saves energy used during acceleration to potentially conserve driving range. Chill Mode is useful when driving in slippery conditions, when loaning your vehicle to young or inexperienced drivers or with nervous passengers or pets.

Are you a Tesla owner who prefers a more relaxed and gentle acceleration? If so, Tesla Chill Mode might just become your new favorite setting. This feature provides a smoother driving experience while helping to conserve your vehicle’s range. It also keeps passengers, pets, groceries and coffees more secure during blast-off.

What is Tesla Chill Mode?

Tesla Chill Mode is a feature designed for drivers who prefer a more relaxed and gentle acceleration, compared to the rapid speeds Tesla vehicles are known for. When engaged, Chill Mode:

  • limits your Tesla’s acceleration 
  • provides a more gradual increase in speed
  • ensures a comfortable ride for the driver, passengers and pets
  • reduces the likelihood of sudden power bursts that might catch some passengers off guard
  • helps prioritize energy conservation over raw performance, which can help reduce range anxiety

How to Turn on Tesla Chill Mode

Chill Mode can be enabled on the touchscreen, whether your Tesla is parked or even while driving. 

To enable Chill Mode:

  1. Go to Controls > Pedals & Steering
  2. Select Chill
  3. The word ‘Chill’ will now appear at the top of the touchscreen
Turn on Tesla Chill Mode

To switch back to other acceleration modes, simply select your desired acceleration mode from Controls > Pedals & Steering.

How Does Tesla Chill Mode Compare to Other Acceleration Modes?

Tesla vehicles offer several acceleration modes to cater to driver preferences and driving conditions. The availability of modes depends on your model, whether it is a Performance All-Wheel Drive and whether or not it is equipped with Autopilot hardware or Ludicrous Mode.

Here’s a quick comparison of Tesla’s acceleration modes:

  • Chill Mode: Offers a relaxed and gentle acceleration experience, ideal for those who enjoy a smoother ride or want to conserve their vehicle’s range
  • Standard Mode: Provides a balanced acceleration experience that is neither too aggressive nor too gentle, suitable for most drivers
  • Sport Mode: Offers an aggressive acceleration setting for a more exhilarating driving experience 
  • Insane Mode: Known as “Plaid” on performance models, Insane Mode increases peak torque by 30%. Zoom!
  • Ludicrous Mode: Increases torque by 60%. Blastoff! Only available on Performance Models
  • Insane+ Mode: Increases peak torque by 30% while quickly heating the battery for maximum performance
  • Ludicrous+ Mode: Increases peak torque by 60% while quickly heating the battery for maximum performance
  • Launch Mode: Just like it sounds, Launch Mode (or Drag Strip Mode) is Tesla’s version of throwing down the gauntlet! It is designed for breathtaking power on closed circuit driving circuits with a high traction surface.

Does Tesla Chill Mode Increase Range

Although Chill Mode is not explicitly designed to increase driving range, it can have some positive, indirect effects. By limiting acceleration and promoting a more conservative driving style, Chill Mode can reduce energy consumption and potentially extend your vehicle’s range. 

Telsa Chill Mode set on the touchscreen

Remember that several other factors play a role in determining how far your Tesla can go such as driving conditions, temperature, weight and tire pressure (inflation).

When Should I Use Chill Mode?

Try Tesla Chill Mode if you prefer a more relaxed and comfortable driving experience, want to conserve energy, or need a smoother ride for your passengers. 

Chill Mode is particularly beneficial:

  • in situations where passengers may be sensitive to rapid acceleration e.g. those with neck or head injuries, vertigo, anxiety or other disabilities
  • when driving in slippery or icy conditions
  • when loaning your vehicle to another driver 
  • when driving with your pet 
  • when transporting groceries or items that can easily tip over or spill
  • for drivers that experience range anxiety

EVProTip: Dogs will appreciate the gentle acceleration of Chill Mode to prevent slipping, stress, muscle strains and potential injury. Don’t forget to use Tesla’s Dog Mode to keep your pet safe and comfortable!

Gentle acceleration can help young or experienced drivers maintain better control of your vehicle.

Will Chill Mode Affect How Fast My Tesla Will Go?

Chill Mode is designed to ease you into a more relaxed and gentle acceleration experience, but it does not directly affect the top speed of your Tesla. The maximum speed of your vehicle remains the same – it will just take you a little longer to get to your top speed if Chill Mode is enabled. Keep it chill and enjoy the ride! If you want to limit the top speed, use Speed Limit Mode.

What Tesla Models Have Chill Mode?

Tesla Chill Mode is available as a standard feature across all Tesla models (S,3,X,Y). Here’s how it compares to Sport Mode.

Tesla Chill Mode vs. Sport Mode

Tesla offers various acceleration modes that cater to driving conditions and driver preferences. Chill Mode and Sport Mode are two of the most popular and distinct options. 

Know when to use each mode in order to optimize your experience and efficiency.

  • Acceleration
    Chill Mode limits acceleration, providing a gentler and smoother increase in speed. Chill Mode has a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 7.5 seconds across all Tesla models.
    When Sport Mode is engaged, drivers experience the vehicle’s full power and performance. In Sport Mode, 0-60 mph times can drop to 2.9- 3.5 seconds, depending on the model. 
  • Driving Experience
    Chill Mode is designed for those who prefer a more relaxed and comfortable driving experience with a smoother ride. In contrast, Sport Mode is tailored for drivers who want an exhilarating and responsive driving experience, focusing on the vehicle’s performance capabilities.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Chill Mode encourages a more conservative driving style, which can lead to improved energy efficiency and potentially conserving the driving range. Sport Mode, due to its aggressive acceleration, generally consumes more energy, potentially reducing the vehicle’s range.

When Should You Use Chill Mode vs. Sport Mode?

  • Chill Mode: Use Chill Mode when you prioritize a comfortable and relaxed driving experience or when you want to save energy to conserve your range. Try Chill Mode when driving with passengers or pets who may be sensitive to rapid acceleration or when driving in slippery road conditions.

    EVPro Tip: We use Chill Mode with frail or nervous passengers, and when traveling with our dogs to prevent muscle strains and stress from rapid acceleration. It also prevents handbags from spilling contents around the vehicle, and keeps groceries upright!
  • Sport Mode: Use Sport Mode when you want to fully experience your Tesla’s performance capabilities and enjoy a more exhilarating and responsive driving experience. Sport Mode is ideal for situations where you want to overtake other vehicles quickly or when driving on open roads with minimal traffic. However, keep in mind that using Sport Mode can lead to increased energy consumption, which may impact your driving range. Think of a wide open highway with the tunes pumped!
Tesla Acceleration ModeDriving Experience0-60 Acceleration Times (seconds)Energy ConsumptionDriving RangeWhen to Use
ChillSmooth, gentle acceleration7.5Conservative, efficientMay conserve rangeSlippery conditions; sensitive passengers or pets; for inexperienced drivers
SportPowerful, exhilarating acceleration2.9 -3.5 Higher performance, less efficientMay reduce rangeFor exciting, high performance acceleration; good road and weather conditions
Tesla Chill vs Sport Mode                                  EVEHICLEPRO.COM


Can Chill Mode increase the driving range of my Tesla?

Chill Mode does not directly increase the driving range of your Tesla. However, by limiting the acceleration and promoting more conservative driving habits, Chill Mode can make your vehicle more energy efficient, which can ultimately conserve your range. Keep in mind, however, that the effect on your range might be relatively small compared to other factors, such as driving conditions and proper tire inflation.

Does Tesla Chill Mode save energy?

Chill Mode can help save energy by limiting the acceleration of your Tesla and encouraging more conservative driving habits. The amount of energy saved may vary depending on individual driving styles and other factors, such as road conditions and weather.

Should I use Chill Mode for winter driving?

Chill Mode can be a helpful option for winter driving, as it offers a smoother and gentler acceleration, making it easier to maintain control on slippery or icy roads. By limiting the vehicle’s acceleration, Chill Mode reduces the likelihood of sudden bursts of power that might cause a loss of traction in challenging winter conditions. However, Chill Mode is just one aspect of preparing your Tesla for winter driving

How long will Chill Mode stay on?

Chill Mode will remain active until you manually change the acceleration mode in your Tesla. It does not have a set duration or automatic turn-off.

When does Chill Mode automatically turn on?

Chill Mode does not automatically turn on under normal driving conditions. It must be manually enabled by the driver through the vehicle’s touchscreen. 
However, when you enable Valet Mode or Speed Limit Mode, Chill Mode will automatically become activated. This feature limits the vehicle’s acceleration to help protect your vehicle when it is handed over to other drivers.

How can I switch Acceleration Modes?

To switch acceleration modes in your Tesla, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Controls > Pedals & Steering
  2. From the ‘Driving’ menu, locate the ‘Acceleration’ section
  3. Choose your desired acceleration mode: Chill, Standard, or Sport (depending on your Tesla model and available options).
  4. The selected mode will be applied immediately, and you can switch modes at any time while driving or when your Tesla is parked.

Remember that Chill Mode provides a more gentle acceleration, Standard Mode offers a balanced experience, and Sport Mode maximizes acceleration for a more exhilarating drive.

Will Chill Mode affect Autopilot or Full Self-Driving?

Chill Mode does not directly impact the functionality of Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving features. These advanced driver assistance systems will continue to operate as designed, providing safety and convenience features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, and automatic parking. However, when using Chill Mode, the vehicle’s acceleration will be limited, so you may notice a smoother and gentler driving experience when Autopilot or Full Self-Driving are engaged.

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